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What is FutureTouch Technology?

What Is FutureTouch Technology? FutureTouch Technology provides custom turnkey kiosk and internet solutions for businesses large and small. Offering a complete catalog of kiosk designs, paired with custom engineering and fabricating capabilities, FutureTouch delivers the most comprehensive kiosk solution on the market. Comprised of an in-house design and development team, FutureTouch can also create a software solution capable of catering to the most diverse needs. Want to learn more? Contact FutureTouch to speak to a team member and request a demonstration.

What are Interactive Kiosks?

"Kiosks" can refer to self-service computing terminals, as well as free-standing pavilions in public environments. This dual meaning is not really that surprising, given that both definitions describe a self-contained system for accessing information and completing transactions. Interactive kiosks can take a number of forms, such as touch screen product displays, interactive mall directories, and employee HR information stations. Some devices even serve multiple purposes, e.g. a product catalog and gift registry for customers as well as a job application center for prospective employees.

Kiosks are found in a growing number of industries, including healthcare, retail, automotive, education, food service, and banking. Increasingly, multi-channel retailers are deploying these self-service devices to help customers choose products in store, order out-of-stock items, and apply for instant credit accounts. Some interactive kiosks are even equipped to burn custom CDs or DVDs on demand, or download multimedia files to handheld media players.

Interactive kiosks may have a customized, hardened enclosure, or may simply be a standard PC that has been repurposed for kiosk duties. These terminals employ modular hardware designs that can be expanded to include numerous peripherals, such as touch screens, thermal printers, and card scanners. Kiosks typically include industrial-strength hardware and secure application software, along with tools for centralized remote monitoring and management of the kiosk network.

Why consider a FutureTouch Technology Kiosk?

Self-service interactive kiosks are following the trend of the Automated Teller Machine. Kiosks are popping up everywhere. More and more businesses and government agencies are utilizing these customized terminals to service their customer base at places and at times that in the past would have been either impossible or cost in-effective. Kiosks operate 24/7, they require very little maintenance, and they provide customers with consistent information. As new technologies emerge daily, and with more of the world "plugged in" to the internet, people expect to see advanced solutions everywhere they go. Kiosks are the perfect medium for bringing your message to the ever growing techno-savvy audience. Interactive touch screen LCDs, plasma displays, and digital media, all in a remotely monitored, secured, hack-proof environment- The future is here.

FutureTouch Technology's Kiosks are ideal for any facility looking to enhance and streamline customer service:
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail establishments
  • College Campuses

See what a FutureTouch Technology kiosk can do for you!

Take a look at our Kiosks, Products and Services to see how FutureTouch can help you and browse our Portfolio of Success Stories to see how we've provided custom solutions across varied industries. We are here and ready to create for you that one of a kind answer you have been seeking.

Contact us and find out how FutureTouch Technology will work for you!