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Services - What We Do

FutureTouch Technology - What We Do

Our mission at FutureTouch Technology is to be the best end-to-end Kiosk provider on the markert. With that goal in mind, our team strives to provide the premiere solution for taking interactive systems from idea to reality. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a one-stop shop for delivering their entire project. We have built a sophisticated production process around our experience dealing with a wide variety of customers and projects. Our experience recognizes that all projects are unique, but share the same basic building blocks. Our strength is in using these same basic building blocks to create custom solutions according to the project schedule and the budget. Our production process is predictable for both our customers and us.

Planning & Design Services

FutureTouch Technology's Planning & Design Services take your project from an idea to a detailed design that is ready to be implemented into reality. Our team of experts work closely with you as consultants to help develop your project, define the requirements, create the specifications, and establish the budget. Some customers choose to work with FutureTouch on the Planning & Design effort first before making a decision to actually implement the project. This phased approach empowers our clients with management controls to make "go/no-go" decisions at critical milestones. We document our work in a functional specification report at the conclusion of planning, and the a detailed design report at the end of the design phase.

Software & Application Development

FutureTouch Technology provides a complete team for developing any software and application required for your project. Our producers, software engineers, application developers, graphic artists, and IT specialists have years of experience to produce your unique solution. We can provide the turnkey software system, or collaborate with your team to provide an integrated solution. Our capabilities include:
  • Creative Design and Multimedia Graphic Arts
  • Front-End Applications
  • Middleware Applications & Integration
  • Back-End Applications & Integration
  • Web Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Hardware Peripheral Device Integration
  • Transaction Processing (Financial and Other Types)
  • System Integration

System Integration

Interactive Self-Service systems involve levels of system integration that depend on the characteristics of each project. System integration is unique in this business because of the demands of unattended self-service reliability. Thanks to our years of experience, we have integrated solutions for just about every possibile vertical:
  • Computer Hardware Devices
  • Software Systems
  • Networking - Private, Virtual Private (VPN), Wireless, Internet, Analog
  • Business Processes
  • Cabinet Enclosure Systems
  • Monitoring and Management Systems

Deployment, Installation & Startup

FutureTouch Technology manages the process of placing the systems into operation. This management service encompasses the hosting of sites, networking, shipping and logistics, and onsite services. FutureTouch professionals personally perform the onsite services, or for large deployments will manage the installation contractor.

Kiosk Training

FutureTouch Technology provides training in all aspects of self-service systems:
  • Administrator Training for Evocator Video Display Manager
  • Administrator Training for Labyrinth Navigator Applications
  • Administrator Training for Self-Service Software Applications
  • Administrator Training for Netkey Manager
  • Developer Training for Netkey Creator and Studio
  • Technician Training for Kiosk System Maintenance
  • Technician Training for Network System Maintenance

Service & Support

FutureTouch Technology seeks customer-for-life relationships where we can provide value-based services to help our clients with the operational and maintenance needs of their self-service networks. We offer a menu of services that can be selected by our clients according to their own strategy:
  • Hardware Repair Service
  • Onsite Preventive Maintenance
  • Onsite Incident Response
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • Content Updating & Management
  • Application Hosting
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