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FutureTouch Technology's software products are powerful and flexible solutions. Their web-based architecture can be deployed on your public website, internal intranet website, network of self-service stations, or stand-alone terminals. Hardware independence means the software can be accessed with a wide variety of end-user devices: web browser stations, wireless tablets and PDA's, kiosks, and plain old computers. Software can be server-hosted by FutureTouch or the customer in networked enterprise scenarios, or installed on the end-user computer in stand-alone scenarios. Software modules can be run separately, or combined to give a feature-rich experience. FutureTouch Technology delivers service-on-demand anywhere.

Evocator - Video Display and Attract Loop Manager

Digital signs are the computerized replacement of billboards, message boards, schedule postings, and other static information displays. Much better than static displays, a digital sign has versatility, impact, and reach. Evocator is a powerful tool for managing and displaying information on digital signs, all from the convenience of your desktop web browser. Without any technical skills, you can manage welcoming information on a plasma display in your lobby, a promotional message on the attract loop of your kiosk network, or schedule update on LCD monitors outside your meeting rooms.

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Labyrinth Navigator - Facility Directory and Wayfinder

Labyrinth is THE interactive facility directory and Wayfinding system that can be viewed on your website and self-service terminals in your facility. It answers the questions "Where am I?" and "How do I get to where I need to go?" Labyrinth is optimized for large facilities such as hospitals, schools, institutions, and office complexes that have a need to conveniently help visitors navigate though their structure. Users can search for a destination, view a map showing how to reach the location, and receive additional helpful information such as hours of operation. Additionally, Labyrinth administrators can easily maintain the destination database, maps, and other user interface features with a powerful and intuitive administrative tool.

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Check-In - Patient Queue, Admitting, and Processing Solution

CheckIn is the software solution for patient queueing, admitting, and processing in hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities. CheckIn replaces the paper clipboard and health information forms, and protects patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA. CheckIn is a workflow management system that empowers staff to work at peak efficiency. CheckIn is a management tool that tracks key performance metrics with real-time reporting. At full implementation, CheckIn will perform automatic verification of insurance eligibility and collect the patientís co-payment. CheckIn is all about patient satisfaction, staff productivity, and improving healthcare.

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Surveyor - User Survey and Data Collection Software

Want to know what your customers think? Surveyor gets the answers. Surveyor is flexible software that presents survey questions to the user and collects their answers. Answers are stored in a database and emailed to the administrator. Surveyor eliminates the cost, inconvenience, and inaccuracy of traditional paper surveys. Surveyor also eliminates the time lag of other collection methods so that data is instantly available for real-time decision-making. Improve your customer service by deploying Surveyor on your website, hand-held PC tablets, and any other web appliance.

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Educator - Interactive Patient Education System

Educator puts educational materials at the fingertips of patients. Educator provides a friendly search engine for browsing and viewing health education content. Health education topics can be subscribed from publishers or created by the customer. FutureTouch works with leading healthcare publishers such as Blausen Medical, Krames, Patient Education Institute, and Health Informatics. You can go to http://www.blausen.com for an example of the video content. Patient education can now be conveniently delivered right to the patient and their loved ones in their room or education centers.

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