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Labyrinth Navigator - Facility Directory and Wayfinder

Does your facility regularly host visitors, vendors or new employees? Labyrinth can help everyone quickly connect with the places and people they're seeking. It is the ultimate digital directory with Wayfinding application for public spaces or facilities of any size. Destinations, maps, directions and vistor information are all found with just a few touches of the screen! (See the flow diagram below.)

Labyrinth allows visitors to browse categories, or specific facility locations to help them find what they are looking for. Via touch screen, the user can readily access their destination along with the necessary maps and a highlighted path which assures them the quickest route to their desired location. Labyrinth can even show custom detailed information about each location searched, such as hours of operation or phone number. When configured with the proper hardware, the program can even dial a handset to call the destination.

As THE premiere mapping and direction tool for touch-screen displays, your information will be clearly displayed and easily searchable, with a backend administrative tool that even a novice could pilot and update.

Key Features of Labyrinth Include:

Visitor Interface

  • Designed for use with self-service touch screen devices
  • Web-based application allows Labyrinth to be used at a kiosk or over the internet with any computer with a browser
  • Easy to use main menu allows the user to expediently locate their destination
  • Search by building, floor, department, amenity, specific personal/staff member, or custom configure the buttons to suit your needs
  • From search result listing, select the destination to display map with wayfinding, text directions and information
  • Map shows flashing "You Are Here," the destination, then plots the best path between points
  • "More Info" screen displays text directions and allows user to print out both text directions and a map
  • Labyrinth can enable a phone dialer to call a department or staff personal with a touch of a button
  • Quick-Link feature allows user to quickly find the most frequently requested destinations from the main menu
  • Designed to support multiple languages with ease
  • Vistor can change language at any time from all screens

Labyrinth is configured with a powerful and intuitive web administation tool allowing the customer full control of their application.

Administrative and Network Management

  • Supports multiple buildings in a campus setting, multiple floor / wings, and unlimited categories of destinations (departments, amenities, doctors, stores, offices, etc).
  • Secure web-based application allows for easy national networking over the Internet or VPN
  • Powerful web-based administrative tools set-up and modify directory database and have the capacity to update custom maps, paths, text directions and interface settings over the Internet
  • Path building tool makes it easy to create and edit paths between points on the map.
  • Look and feel of the user interface easy to configure.

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