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Evocator - Interactive & Noninteractive Display Manager

Futuretouch Technolgy's Evocator is a powerful software tool for managing the display of content on digital signs and kiosk attract loops. Evocator enables anyone to turn a computer monitor into an eye-catching digital sign. Perhaps the most exciting feature of Evocator is that no technical skills are required. Imagine the convenience of updating your digital sign network from your desk using only your web browser.

Digital signs are finding new uses every day: lobbies, meeting rooms, cafeterias, convention centers, elevators, advertising spots - anywhere information is displayed. Now you can replace boring, unimpressive static signs with impressive dynamic displays that not only deliver your message, but also are easy to manage and update.

Evocator has two components. Evocator Player runs the display and shows the content. Evocator Manager is the set of tools for managing display. The Internet is used to communicate between your desktop, Evocator Manager, and Evocator Players. Evocator seamlessly integrates with other FutureTouch Technology products such as Labyrinth, Check-In, and Surveyor, and third-party products such as Netkey Creator.

Startup and ongoing management are a snap. Simply download and install Evocator Player on the display's computer. Then use Evocator Manager to update the display content. All you need is a web browser to access Evocator Manager. This means you can update displays from the convenience of your desktop or even your home!


  • No technical skills required
  • Convenient web browser-based management tools
  • Display all popular formats including PowerPoint slides, web pages/HTML, graphics (GIF, BMP, JPEG), Flash, and multimedia (animation, video, audio)
  • Manage digital signs anywhere over the public Internet or your internal private network
  • No hassle operation with management tools conveniently hosted by FutureTouch Technology
  • Create powerful playlists to control the display schedule and sequence
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