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Portfolio & Success Stories
Public Health Education Outreach
Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County
Indianapolis, IN

The Challenge

Marion County Health Department (MCHD) is focused on improving public health through better personal choices. MCHD needs innovative ways to reach at-risk populations in the community with educational and support services that can lead to healthier personal choices.

The FutureTouch Solution

MCHD and Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals sponsor this project performed by FutureTouch. The objective is to deliver information and services in locations frequented by the at-risk public. FutureTouch implemented the software system that is delivered through kiosk terminals at popular Simon Property Group malls. More than 18 million annual mall goers are able to link to the latest on diabetes, heart disease, cancer, smoking, and other relevant health issues. VisMed Concierge is used to deliver information about MCHD programs and services. VisMed Educator delivers public health education content from the Patient Education Institute. VisMed Surveyor collects user survey information for gaining an understanding of the people that use the system and assess community needs.

“Novo Nordisk is dedicated to raising public awareness of diabetes and the choices we offer to improve diabetes care,” said Larry Green, Vice President, Diabetes Sales for Novo Nordisk. “We are pleased to support these kiosks as another way of educating as many people as possible about the options available to them.”

“This is groundbreaking news for the Health Department,” said Virginia A. Caine, M.D., Director of the Marion County Health Department. “It is the first time ever this kind of information is provided by a health care agency in this area.”