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Portfolio & Success Stories
Customer Feedback Survey System
Allegiance Healthcare, a Cardinal Health Company
McGaw, IL

The Challenge

Allegiance Healthcare, a Cardinal Health company, is a America’s leading supplier of healthcare products and cost management services needed by hospitals. Allegiance was seeking an efficient method using interactive technologies to capture feedback from existing and future customers at healthcare trade shows.

The FutureTouch Solution

VisMed Surveyor was the perfect solution for meeting Allegiance Healthcare’s needs. VisMed Surveyor is an easy-to-use software system that steps a user through a set of questions as a convenient means to capture customer or patient information. The touchscreen interface is both simple to use and engaging. The survey is easily maintained and modified using an on-line administrative tool over the Internet. Surveyor administrative tools make it easy to design new surveys including any number of branching questions. Surveyor makes use of a variety of display templates to meet most any need. Popup touchscreen keyboards are used to make the data input very easy.

Once a customer answers the Surveyor questions, answers are stored in a database for later retrieval and analysis. Answers can be automatically emailed to recipients for immediate action. Allegiance plans to use the VisMed Surveyor system at all of their healthcare trade shows to capture potential customer leads and to capture feedback from existing customers.

Surveyor can be deployed on a wide variety of access terminals such as the stylish freestanding unit shown above.